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Neo-Nazi/ Skinhead

Neo-Nazis are people who continue to believe in National Socialist ideology after the end of the National Socialist dictatorship. The neo-Nazi ideology is a form of fascism. Neo-Nazis trivialise Hitler and the National Socialist dictatorship and accept the use of violence to promote their cause. Every year, neo-Nazis commit violent attacks and even murders. The neo-Nazi terrorist group National Socialist Underground (NSU) alone killed at least ten people between 2000 and 2007.
While the term Neo-Nazi and Skinhead are often used interchangeably, this is not always accurate. The Skinhead scene is very heterogeneous: It includes neo-Nazis and people of the extreme right as well as anti-fascists, anarchists and people of the political left. The Skinhead movement started as a subculture youth movement in the United Kingdom. The name “Skinhead” derives from the movement’s style that included shaving their heads and wearing of combat boots.