About DOMiD

Our work and goals
The Documentation Center and Museum of Migration in Germany (DOMid for short) was founded by migrants in 1990. The organization is working together with a number of other private parties and government institutions to establish a central museum about migration in Germany. As a modern institution, the museum should serve as a center for the history of migration and for the culture of a ‘migration society’. The museum will address both historic and contemporary issues relating to international migration and its implications in Germany.

To achieve this, DOMiD collects and preserves material relating to the history of migration and now holds a unique collection of artefacts. In addition to the museum and its archival work, DOMiD also organizes lectures, conferences and other events.

DOMiD – Dokumentationszentrum und Museum über die Migration in Deutschland e.V.
Venloer Straße 419
50825 Köln
Tel. +49-(0)221-800 280 30