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Madgermanes are people in Mozambique who formerly worked and lived as “contract workers” in the GDR. The term derives from the expression “Made in Germany” as well as the word “mad”. Between 1979 and 1990, following the signing of a treaty between Mozambique and the GDR, more than 16,000 “contract workers” from Mozambique migrated to live and work in the GDR. Many of them did apprenticeships in the GDR before starting to work at East German companies. Following the German reunification, their contracts expired and most of the labour migrants’ work permits were not extended extension and many of them were sent back to Mozambique. During this time, Mozambique was still in the middle of a civil war. The GDR had only partially paid the salaries directly to the works and transferred parts of it to the government of Mozambique which was supposed to be pay it to the workers at a later point. However, many of them are still waiting to receive their full salaries.